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FICNOVA – ANIFF: A humanist space of encounter in the culture of non-violence

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Sharing the experience of nonviolence

From the repudiation of any form of violence (physical, economic, racial, sexual, religious, psychological and moral), we share this common space for the exchange of experiences of nonviolence in the world, supporting each other to strengthen this transforming attitude.

A small friendly haven from which we can unveil, in a practical way, the meaning of nonviolence in our actions, which helps us to build bridges between human beings.

A proposal to make visible the space without war and without violence that we are finding in ourselves and that we make possible in the world.

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The festival was initially organised from a few grassroots teams of World without Wars and without Violence. But as the project became known, many friends in other organisations and fronts, who share New Humanism and nonviolence, joined in to create new spaces, or venues in different cities around the world.

The promoting team in Madrid, in agreement with the rest of the organisers in other cities, formed the non-profit humanist association FICNOVA in Spain, focused on the organisation of the festival and the dissemination of the culture of nonviolence all over the world. Today the festival works in collaboration with all of them.

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The competition is held during the week of 2 October every two years, coinciding with the International Day of Nonviolence, declared by the United Nations, commemorating the birth of Gandhi. But every year, during that week, this meeting place is still open and all kinds of activities are organised.

In each edition, new participants can be added and new venues can be created.


FICNOVA presents “Stelae” as festival awards. A statuette cast in bronze and copper of special significance, replicas of the one created by the artist Daniel Zimmermann for the festival.
It also awards diplomas of recognition to all the finalists of each edition.


FICNOVA is designed to be held simultaneously in all the cities and countries that wish to participate. The definitive list of host cities for each year will be finalised a few months before the event is held, in order to establish coordination between all of them.


FICNOVA is driven by the voluntary work of its organisers. The material needs for its celebration are solved, in each place, with contributions distributed among its collaborators, with the donation of materials and with the cession of spaces for the celebration of the festival.
If you want to help with a donation you can do it here.


It is aimed at both professionals and amateurs, individuals and groups or associations, with no age limit for participants. The interest is to recognise in ourselves the possibilities that we open up through nonviolence.


There are two different sections and in both the works can be fiction, documentary, animation, musical…


A. Feature Films. From 60 min.
B. Medium-length films. From 31 to 59 min.
C. Short films. Up to 30 min.

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D. Short films. Up to 30 min.

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