Festival awards

Galardón del festival obra de Daniel Zimmermann

FICNOVA presents “Estelas” as the festival’s award. A statuette cast in bronze and copper of special significance, created by the artist Daniel Zimmermann.

The festival does not have a financial prize. Occasionally, collaborating entities may offer grants or teaching or film material, as a result of collaboration agreements.

Estela Rodríguez Ghiara
Estela R.G.


FICNOVA named its award statuette “ESTELA” in memory of “Estela Rodríguez Ghiara“, a humanist who participated in the organisation of the festival and who left her mark through her coherent and supportive action.


We would have liked to have been able to give awards to all those who are able to create a nonviolent production and share it at FICNOVA, but we do not have the resources to do so.

Instead, we did give a diploma to all the finalists as a token of recognition and gratitude.

imagen Selección películas FICNOVA


An award resulting from the Ideas Competition for the creation of the festival’s identification statuette.

In order to create the statuette for the festival awards, we organised an ideas competition, in which several artists from different countries participated. To all of them we send our sincere thanks.

Based on the preferences expressed by the FICNOVA organising teams in the different cities that took part, the work of the Argentinean artist Daniel Zimmermann was chosen as the festival’s statuette.

colada en bronce de la estauilla
Bronze casting on mould


We want to spread the culture of nonviolence by highlighting the significant achievements of peoples in this other direction, which is why from the very beginning we decided that the awards of each edition should be associated with the “places” that have opened new paths in the direction of nonviolence.

In this sense, we proposed to build the awards of the Film Festival, with a special symbolic gesture: to create the statuettes or commemorative sculptures cast in bronze and copper together with a pinch of a bullet, never fired, of the nations that signify the non-violent direction, to which we ask for their help. An allegory for the transformation and convergence of peoples in the direction of non-violence.

The replication process takes place every year, with the help of enthusiastic friends.

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