Violence is learnt, non-violence too


During the week of the festival, FICNOVA and the humanist organisations participating in the different venues held all kinds of activities to disseminate the samples of nonviolent action received that year all over the world. Images that act as a demonstration effect of the process of change that human beings are going through internally, opening new paths with active nonviolence in the face of the different forms of violence: physical, economic, religious, sexual, racial, psychological and moral.

Each host city prepares its own parallel activities and/or participates in jointly coordinated activities, according to the possibilities of the venue.

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But it’s not all over after that week of festival activity. Throughout the year, in different FICNOVA venues, we continue to promote the opening of spaces for nonviolence, from our local action possibilities, organising film forums with films from the FICNOVA VIDEO LIBRARY authorised by their authors, together with workshops to exchange the daily experience of nonviolence that we can all rescue. In this joint and horizontal way, we propose to advance personally and socially, developing the principle of treating others as we like to be treated.

We encourage any collective, cultural space or educational centre to create these spaces.

Videoteca Ficnova
Access to the VIDEO LIBRARY

If you are interested in creating a space for nonviolence in your educational or cultural centre or in your association or collective, get in touch with the nearest FICNOVA headquarters or contact us and we will see the possibilities.

Location where the activity is to take place

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