Ways of collaboration with the festival

All forms of collaboration will always be on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

ANYONE COMMITTED TO NON-VIOLENCE who wants to help develop the festival, can collaborate in the organisation from the local venues.

NEW VENUES. We can also help you to create a new branch in your city. From the nearest branch we can help you to create a new branch, trying to level the experience and the necessary humanistic context, in order to be able to work in a coordinated way.

INSTITUTIONS, ASSOCIATIONS AND COLLECTIVES. We can reach collaboration agreements to carry out video forums, workshops, study groups… with any institution, association or collective that wants to help spread the culture of active non-violence, recognising them as collaborating entities.

EDUCATIONAL SCHOOLS: In addition to encouraging teachers and students to submit short films and micro-short films in their section, we also invite them to study and exchange on non-violence in the classroom, to hold video forums and workshops, including presentations of the festival if they are in contact with a local organising team.

TRANSLATORS AND SUBTITULATORS – We need to translate and subtitle some non-professional productions into the two official languages of the event (English and Spanish) so that they can be seen in all the venues in the different countries.

ARTISTS – If you feel that your art is related to the festival and you want to add to it by showing it as a parallel activity, get in touch to see how it can be done.

FILM AND ART SCHOOLS. They can help by encouraging the participation of their students and by organising presentations in collaboration with local organising teams.

CINEMAS. We encourage the programme managers of cinemas and theatres to give peace a chance and to reserve more and more space for the cinema of active nonviolence. They can become permanent screening venues for the festival whenever they wish, or organise a thematic cycle.

Videoteca Ficnova


We propose the opening of spaces for reflection and exchange of experience, which will help to strengthen us internally by finding the meaning of nonviolence in our actions. We encourage associations, cultural or educational centres and any meeting place to create these spaces of nonviolence for regular meetings, illustrated by FICNOVA’s video library of nonviolence.


FICNOVA is a voluntary, self-managed festival, supported by the contribution of its organisers and collaborators.
If you want to help defray the minimum expenses, which are: web hosting, communications, elaboration and sending of awards, you can do it through PayPal by clicking on the attached button.

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