What is active nonviolence cinema like?

cine de la noviolencia

A cinema that helps us to learn nonviolence from the experience

It starts from the repudiation of any form of violence, by being moved by the damage to something very deep that is recognised in oneself and in others, and coherently confronts and overcomes it with that tremendous affective force capable of rebuilding bridges and opening up new possibilities on a personal and social level.

Therefore, the images found will be a reflection of the transformation that takes place in the protagonists and in each author or creative collective at a given moment.

A cinema that aims to show the historical human constant of seeking to overcome pain and suffering.

A cinema that “turns upside down” all constructions based on discrimination and maintained through violence. It leaves aside the “values” of current power and money and recognises as truly valuable the evolutionary development of all human beings without exception and the work for the achievement of all their needs for education, health, food, housing, transport, etc. Understanding that there can be no progress if it does not belong to everyone and for everyone.

It does not recognise the supremacy or imposition of anything or anyone over others at any level, making valid at every step the premise of “Nothing above the human being and no human being above another”. From everyday personal relationships, to the largest power structures and armies interested in maintaining discrimination and intolerance, are deeply “touched”, rushing into absurdity in the face of the new world that opens up from horizontality.

A cinema that helps to build bridges of reconciliation with oneself and with others.

It has a different system for measuring what is valuable. The high and the low, the big and the small are once again understood from a centre of gravity that is shaped within oneself, that is not given by external considerations endorsed by the self-interested opinion-makers of the day, but by the internal register of unity or contradiction.


All these aspects present us with never-before-seen human landscapes, unimagined systems of relationships that are now becoming possible, showing the necessary steps in the process of a true revolution that is taking place within the human being and that seeks to express itself in the world.