Ri´ka raibal ixoqui – Our territory body-earth in freedom

Ri´ka raibal ixoqi¨ - Nuestro territorio cuerpo-tierra en libertad
Cartel Territorio cuerpo-tierra
 2013. Guatemala. 16 min
Direction:Unión Nacional de Mujeres Guatemaltecas
Cameras:Libertad Rian, Petronila Bocel
Editing: Nahuel Vázquez
Script:Petronila, Libertad, Nahuel
Music:Naïk Madera, Xajil, Marta Gómez, Magda Angélica, Ana Tijoux,

“The documentary offers an analysis of the current situation of women in Guatemala, as well as the tenacious task of many people who work every day to improve the living conditions of millions of women and their families.

Three women who work in civil associations give their perspective on the social imaginary of Guatemalan women, their needs, their fears, the challenges to overcome, and the intense situation of violence that permeates their lives.

Starting with the defence of the territory of the body, inherent human rights and the systematic violation of these rights, moving on to other territories: education, health, memory, justice and freedom in the face of various forms of violence rooted in the Guatemalan, Latin American and global social structure”.

Non-violence themes: sexual, moral, psychological, economic.



FICNOVA recognises in the film the extraordinary contribution made by Guatemalan feminism with the concept of woman, body-earth in freedom, linked to the cosmovision of the original people, which Western culture has traditionally expropriated from women, but which manages to connect with a profound meaning all over the world.