Cartel ACOUA
 2019. Argentina 12 min
Director:Güido Simonetti
Producers:Actores de villa
Script:Güido Simonetti y Viviana Nigro
Direction of photography:Andrés Dutra y Elías Padilla
Art Direction:Cristian Salguero y  Julieta Schapira
Edition:Güido Simonetti
Sound:Mauricio Paniagua y Mariano Silva
Music:Germán Tello

An endearing story in which people from different social classes meet in a collective job interview. Showing the values that the other candidate has will make them hireable or not.

Nonviolence themes: ECONOMIC, PSICOLOGIC, MORAL.



Laurel Cortometraje Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA recognizes this fantastic example to address how we receive and exercise economic violence, how we place ourselves in relation to it on a daily basis, how we look at others and if we are able to get out of individualistic competition.