Open Case. A two-sided school project

imagen Caso abierto
Cartel Caso Abierto
 2017. España 71 min
Direction:Aire Comunicación
Dir. Production:Ana Isabel Íñigo
Producers:Sandra Cámara, María Miret, Lucía Miret
General Coordination:Isabel Bellver y Pablo Cortázar
Image:Andrés Piñeiro
Editing:Genaro Fernández
Sound:Nacho Corballés
Styling and costumesMarta Manzano
Graphics and postproduction:Marta Serrano y Javier Haba


An educational video, which aims to serve as a tool to provoke reflection and to provide families with clues on how to promote coeducation in schools.
Two young students and researchers look around their school in search of clues that could reveal uncoeducational actions. For example, in the pupils’ work, there are always male historical characters and hardly any women, the girls’ bathroom has soap, a mirror, litter bins, etc., and the boys’ bathroom has none. They also notice that in the classrooms, boys and girls sit separately, and at recess there is a lot of space for playing some sports and very little space for other games.


Short film:


Laurel Cortometraje Finalista I FICNOVA 2013

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show how social stereotypes creep into the life of schools and how they can be reversed if we pay attention to them. This is a good example of students taking the reins of change.