Frame Señales
 2019. España 5 min
Direction:Montse Vázquez Martín,
Michel Augusto Ambrosio
Producer:Asociación Cultural de Cilleros
Los Trastillos (María Román, Jose A. Ramajo, Nerea Ezcay, Izán Jimenez, Jimena Ballester, Samuel Augusto, Rubén Mateos, Leire Ezcay, Blanca Muñoz, Jose Egido)
Music:Oscar Avila
The Glass Child

The signs are right in front of us but we don’t always see them.

Nonviolence themes: SEXUAL, PSICOLOGIC, MORAL



Laurel Cortometraje Finalista Sección Centros Educativos 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA recognizes in the film the effort to show the need to focus attention on the “normalization” of toxic relationships, which objectify and degrade people, narrated by young people as protagonists.