Another conviction

Imagen Otra condena
Cartel Otra condena
 2021. Argentina 84 min
Director:Juan Manuel Repetto
Producer:Ariel Carlos Contini
Script:Juan Manuel Repetto
Photographyc Direction:Pablo Parra, Ariel Carlos Contini, Miguelius Fernández
Edition:Carla María Gratti, Juan Manuel Repetto
Sound:Hernán Higa, Mariana Delgado, Alan Fridman

Sebastián must serve a sentence for crimes he committed when he was a minor. When he is transferred to the prison, he discovers that it is very different from the traditional prison system. There are no guns, no bars, no cells. The doors are still open and the authorities are teachers, social workers and psychologists. As he adapts to the new rules, he meets other inmates and reflects on his past and the possibility of taking a chance when he gets out.

Nonviolence Themes: MORAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL



Laurel Largometrajes Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA highlights this demonstration of how the damage or wrongs done at a given moment are not solved by punishing the perpetrators, but by helping these people to build in a different direction in the future.