2021. Chile 14 min
Director:Sergio Beltrán
Producer:Sergio Beltrán
Script:Sergio Beltrán
Direction of photography:Cristian Tirado
Digital effects:Sergio Marambio
Makeup:Camila Delgado
Music:Corvosg DJ
Cast:Violeta Villalobos, María Angélica Díaz, Karin Vodanovic, Francisca Artaza, Guillermo Rodríguez,  Paulina Naguelquin, Sergio Beltrán

Seven-year-old Vita hears strange noises in the crawl space that arouse her curiosity. At her insistence, her mother goes upstairs to check. Then she comes down with a strange wound from the crawl space, Vita, lacking fear, decides to go upstairs to confront the Moostro. The raw truth of this event may take years to be discovered.

Nonviolence themes: MORAL, PSICOLOGIC



Laurel Cortometraje Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA rescues the example offered by this short film on how to maintain a supportive attitude, despite all the difficulties that this may entail.