Harmonies for after a war

Imagen de Armonías para después de una guerra
 2019. Argentina – España 25 min
Director:Pablo Tosco
Script:Pablo Tosco, Migue Roth
Direction of photography:Pablo Tosco
Art Direction:Pablo Tosco, Migue Roth
Edition:Pablo Tosco
Sound:Pablo Tosco
Music:Gani Mirzo, Pablo Tosco

“Music does not end war, but it helps to exorcise it. Syrian Kurdistan was destroyed by long years of war; on those ruins, however, musicians, poets, teachers and dozens of children are once again playing instruments to replace the lacerating noises of violence. The Kurdish musician Gani Mirzo, exiled in Barcelona, promoted a campaign (with the participation of Musicians without Borders and organizations from the Basque Country) to bring more than two hundred instruments to the area; this diary portrays the intimacy of the trip and the encounter with the artists of resilience. The eight years of war in Syria left a devastated country; 500,000 dead and twelve million displaced. In the region, fighting continues in certain areas and problems of access and free movement continue. But for the Kurds, music is resistance; “and that’s why,” says Gani, “we made this project a reality: because thanks to music we are alive”. These are the stories and dreams of musicians and poets who are betting on reconstruction through art.




Laurel Cortometraje Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA rescues in this work the effort to denounce the disaster produced by wars and the difficult task of rebuilding the broken social fabric. This work of building bridges again between people can go unsuspected ways, as it is through art and music.