Imagen Remedy
Cartel Remedy
 2021. Slovakia 39 min
Director:Jakub Šipoš
Producer:Jakub Šipoš
Edition:Simona Donovalová
Sound:Miroslav Chaloupka
Music:Maciek Tobera

“The story of a group of young people who travel by boat from the Canary Islands to southern Senegal to bring simple water filters to the Casamance area. The visual mosaic captures the lives of the citizens of seven local villages and shows the process of implementing People of Hope’s (civic association) Water for Senegal project. The Remedy shows their successes and failures, the pitfalls and problems that accompany their journey. It shows the culture and life of the local people and also points out the impact of climate change on the lives of communities in the region. It discusses the effectiveness and sustainability of this project and raises a question about the community’s dependence on development aid. The aim of the film is to raise awareness of the world’s water issues.”

Nonviolence themes: RACIAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC



Laurel Mediometrajes Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA highlights in the film the effort to show an example of helping those who do not even have access to water and at the same time questioning the dependence on development programs, when there is really no international sensitivity to solve the problems.