Another Lisbon Story (En)

cartel Another Lisbon history
 2017. Italia – Portugal. 59 min
Director:Claudio Carbone
Producer:Claudio Carbone
Direction of photography:Claudio Carbone
Colour correction:Silvia Pierattini
Editing:Leonardo Botta
With the collaboration of:GESTUAL “Grupo de Estudos Sócio-Territoriais e de Acção Local”
Music:André David


Bairro da Torre is a neighbourhood of informal genesis, which was born next to the current Lisbon airport after an illegal occupation by Portuguese, African and gypsy populations. These dwellings are not legalised due to the absence of a policy that has not responded in recent years to the deficiencies and needs of low-income populations, who have sought alternative means to “solve” the housing problem.(…)

From the encounter between the community of Bairro da Torre and a research group from the Lisbon architecture faculty, Gestual (a group that seeks through empowered urbanism to involve residents and citizens in decision-making about where they live), a process of inclusion in society of this stigmatised neighbourhood has begun, with the aim of future consolidation and integration through common urban planning, both through self-production practices and through citizens’ movements in defence of their right to a house, right to place and right to the city.

Through the creation of facilities and public spaces, although informal genesis, has led to a process of recovery of abandoned and poor parts of the city, in which all citizens can actively participate, building new facilities and urban porosity conditions, improving the consolidation and image of the neighbourhood outside. Now, the main goal is to achieve decent housing, if possible through alternative self-building projects.

Non-Violence Themes: ECONOMIC, RACIAL, MORAL




FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show how the solutions to many problems that we feel personally go through participatory responses developed together. Another world is possible.