The return to the countryside

Frame La vuelta al campo
Cartel La vuelta al campo
 2020. Argentina 73 min
Director:Juan Pablo Leporé
Producer:Juan Pablo Leporé
Yasmin Dávalos
Screenwriter:Juan Pablo Leporé
Cinematography:Catriel Marmo
Editing:Omar Neri
Sound:José Albornoz
Jéssica Gherscovic
Music:José Albornoz


The return to the countryside is a documentary that makes social collectives visible and accompanies those who day by day face the injustices of neoliberal economic policies, the distancing and advance of the agricultural frontier, proposing a concrete perspective of food production aimed at providing healthy food to cities and population centres, without the use of pesticides. Agrarian Reform and Food Sovereignty are concepts that are embodied in this work with the aim of bringing the public closer to and generating empathy with the process of land redistribution in order to create a more economically just world that is ecologically sustainable over time.




FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to demonstrate that it is possible to confront social injustice and economic discrimination through a collective, self-managed and coherent non-violent response, putting human dignity at the centre.