Pride, in the name of love

With music we transform the world: Pride, in the name of love

Between February and April 2023 friends, collaborators and family members participated in this musical project, with the aim of disseminating and presenting the seventh FICNOVA, an initiative that is celebrated around October 2nd every two years, commemorating the International Day of Nonviolence declared by the United Nations.
On this occasion, collaborators from Madrid, Spain, and Montevideo, Uruguay, came together to transmit our feelings and to make our participation known through our interpretation of a musical theme that inspires us. We also counted on the collaboration of people from different parts of the world for the elaboration of this audiovisual. Quite a challenge in terms of time and distance.

We chose this song by the band U2 “Pride, in the name of love”.

Martin Luther King
Leaders of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on 28 August 1963. From right to left: Rabbi Joachim Prinz, Eugene Carson Blake, Dr. Martin Luther King, Floyd McKissick, Matthew Ahmann and John Lewis.

This song is about a transcendental event in the history of humanity: the assassination of Martin Luther King, a historical figure who dedicated his life to the peaceful struggle for the rights of African-Americans, at a very difficult time for this population, which was struggling at that time between slavery and freedom. This struggle didn´t end, as the song says on 4 April 1968, when “a shot rings out in the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life, they could not take your pride“.

Through nonviolence we transform the world

This phrase, which with the help of several participants we translated into several languages, is intrinsically linked to this episode, which like so many others throughout history, represents the pride of trying to be better every day, from ourselves and towards the world around us. Always working in the name of love, creating links, to bring us closer together and get this message across, in all possible manifestations of human language, but also from our actions, as beings who proudly share this world, in the name of love, working from nonviolence, transforming the world.

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Colaborators´voices from different countries