Launching of the 7th FICNOVA 2024

FICNOVA launches the Seventh 2024 edition of the International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence

15 April 2023
The international organising team of FICNOVA agreed to launch the next edition with a reference message: “Active nonviolence transforming the world”.

Active nonviolence is moving forward transforming the world and from this small festival of inspiration in New Humanism we want to rescue examples that confirm this all over the world. Despite the current critical moment, in which the “powerful”, disconnected from the pain and suffering of others, continue to promote wars and threats, even nuclear, in order to continue imposing their model of supremacy of a few over others, something is awakening in the hearts of many people.
A new nonviolent sensibility is growing and settling in, displacing the old world without trauma as soon as we realise that we are not numbers, nor little ants, nor mere consumers, and that within the humblest human being there is something great that needs to unfold.
We open the registration period for films for four months, using two significant dates for FICNOVA. We start the admission of works on 4 May (the day of the first public exhibition of New Humanism by Silo) and close it on 6 August 2023 (the day the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima).
A deadline of only four months to limit the amount of participating films, since the festival is made by voluntary work and if the participation continues to increase as in the previous edition (with almost 3000 films received), we could not do the task of selection in a responsible way.
We would like to make a special appeal to the authors, so that all the participating films stick to the theme of the festival and that they are presented in their original languages, but with obligatory subtitles in the two official languages of the festival: Spanish and English.
We hope that this new edition will serve as an encouragement, inspiration and invitation to communication and exchange between all of us who feel humanist.

FICNOVA organising team