Imagen Runas
Cartel Runas
 2016. Ecuador – España 62 min
Director:Pepe Vidal
Script:Pepe Vidal
Direction of photography:Pepe Vidal
Art direction:Pepe Vidal
Editing:Pepe Vidal
Sound:Pepe Vidal


Two years ago, Vidal presented “La Ventana de los Andes” about the problems of South America’s largest artisan market, the Plaza de los Ponchos, winner of a national anthropology award. The new documentary, “Runas”, tells the story of the director’s journey to mobilise the plaza’s collective. “Runas” is the return of its director with the audiovisual “La Ventana de los Andes”, the consequences and conclusions about the different projections. It also delves into the conflicts of the Kichwa identity and its influence on the situation of the indigenous world in Otavalo and, therefore, in La Plaza de Ponchos. As he describes the indigenous world of the Kichwa, the author recognises in this way of life keys that could serve as a model for correcting the errors suffered by the Western world. “Runas” and “La Ventana de los Andes” are part of the author’s doctoral thesis under the title “The audiovisual as a tool for social transformation”.

Non-Violence Themes: ECONOMIC, RACIAL, MORAL.



laurel largometraje finalista III FICNOVA 2016

FICNOVA: Runas means to act with strength and wisdom in Kichwa. In the documentel, another basic quality is added: kindness. With it, another force is mobilised that translates into solidarity and cooperation. An example from the recognition of diversity and the search for the convergence of cultures towards balance.