Frame 2 El Guru y las FARC
Cartel El Guru y las FARC
 2016. Argentina 13 min
Director:Paula Schargorodsky
Producer:Paula Schargorodsky
Script:Paula Schargorodsky
Art Director:Fernanda Chali
Editing:Rosario Suares (SAE), Jordana Berg (EDT)
Sound:Martín Grignaschi
Music:Gabriel Chwojnik

The search for peace in Colombia has been a huge undertaking involving people, institutions and countries. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian leader from India with vast experience in international conflict resolution (Sri Lanka, Nepal, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir) joined this effort to rebuild trust and build bridges of communication.

This short film focuses on a particular episode. In June 2015, Sri Sri travels to Colombia and Cuba to meet with President Santos, victims of the armed conflict and the FARC peace delegation. After days of intense work, Sri Sri advises the FARC leaders on the importance of adopting the Gandhian principle of non-violence. He proposes that they uphold their ideals through peaceful resistance. To the FARC leaders at first this did not seem so different from the cease-fire they had previously held. But the proposal on another level was different. Peace has to be signed between the parties, but also felt inside.

Non-violence themes: PHYSICAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC



Laurel Corto Galardonado 4 FICNOVA 2018

FICNOVA recognises in the film the example shown of how non-violence is beginning to be taken into consideration in conflict resolution, even by those who previously advocated violence, as it is realised that there is no way out of violence with a violent approach. Although the film may focus on one person, FICNOVA recognises the strength of this non-violent sensibility in the human process, which nestles in people’s hearts.