The war starts here

imagen La guerra empieza aquí
La guerra empieza aquí
 2018. Euskal Herria. 64 min
Director:Joseba Sanz
Script:Joseba Sanz
Camera:Jokin Aguirregoikoa
Camera assistants:
Zesar Martínez, Argiñe Ochoa de Chichetru, Raquel del Olmo
Editing:Joseba Sanz
Sound:Aritz Pilar, Xabi Agirre
Music:Javier López de Guereña

The action of a fireman in the Port of Bilbao, refusing to take part in a shipment of arms to massacre the people of Yemen, starts a social movement that will reveal the dark interests and implications of this trade.

Non-Violence themes: PHYSICAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC



Laurel Largometraje Finalista V FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to present a demonstration effect of a nonviolent action of rebellion against the monstrosity of the war business, which can trigger a whole process of change. Sustained and organised work can also help to spread throughout the world.