VdG Command

imagen Comando VdG
cartel Comando vg
 2017. España. 14 min
Dirección:Mercedes M. Del Río
Ana Rosa Diego
Ayte. Dirección:Antonio Villar
Guion:Ana Rosa Diego, Carmen Ruiz Repullo, Mercedes M. Del Río,
Teresa Agudo, Teresa Alba
Producción:Agus Jiménez, Eva Mª Lora
Animación y gráficas:Isabel Castro
Montaje:Carlos Crespo, Juan Cantón
Sonido:Juan Cantón

Antonio Bello, Juan Cantón,
Karma, Currricé


A group of young men and women decide to intervene in the face of the macho violence they find around them.
They open a youtube channel where they tell their cases (controlling violence, cyberbullying, multiple rape, sexual pressure…) but they don’t get many hits and try to contact a famous rapper to perform in one of their videos and thus gain subscribers.

Non-Violence Themes: SEXUAL, MORAL



Laurel Finalistas 4 FICNOVA 2018

FICNOVA recognises in the film the efforts of young people to denounce and help overcome sexist attitudes, which degrade and objectify women and people who deviate from the predominant heterosexual model.