We all belong

Frame We all belong
 2020. Argelia 4 min
Director:Mohamed Larbi Bourourou
Productor:Mohamed Larbi Bourourou
Script:Mohamed Larbi Bourourou

A boy with Richer Collins syndrome feels frustrated and pessimistic about life and contemplates suicide. He walks into the forest path and hangs himself from the rope, after which he hears a scream in the distance to find his classmate who bullied him at school drowning in the lake and mud paralysed. Begin to remember the moments and actions he did against him. Being confused between saving him or taking revenge and leaving him to drown…



Laurel Cortometraje Finalista Sección Centros Educativos 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show the greatness of the human being by learning to see beyond appearance.