Award winners 2 FICNOVA 2014

These are the films awarded by the international selection team of the 2nd International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence 2014 with the “Stelae” of this edition, in its five different sections

Educational Centres Section: Short Films

Cartel Decisiones difíciles

Difficult decisions

España. 14:00 min

Dir: Asoc. Centro Trama

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Educational Centres Section: Micro-short films

No more violence

México. 0:48 min

Dir: Nicolás López Maya

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General Section: Short Films

Ri´ka raibal ixoqi¨ – Nuestro territorio cuerpo-tierra en libertad

Guatemala. 16:12 min

Dir: Unión Nacional de Mujeres Guatemaltecas

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General Section: Medium length films

At home, in bed and  on the street

Nicaragua / Canadá. 35 min

Dir. Liz Miller

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General Section: Feature Films

Pachakuti 2012. The changeover

Argentina. 61 min

Dir. Carlos Santos

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