At home, in bed and on the street

Imagen En la casa
 2013. Nicaragua / Canadá 35 min
Director:Litz Miller
Production Support:Luz Marina Umaña, Olga Rocha
Camera:Liz Miller, Deborah Vanslet, Félix Méndez
Mastering:Augusto Blandón
Edition:Litz Miller, Julián Ballester, Augusto Blandón
Sound:Armando Moreira
Music:Ricardo Wheelock, Big Score Music, Katia Cardenal

“From Nicaragua, a small country with a revolutionary history, comes a realistic and gripping television drama. This documentary shows how Puntos de Encuentro, an inspiring women’s organisation, works to promote women’s rights and eradicate sexual violence through a powerful mix of mass media and social mobilisation.

The television drama Contracorriente, made by women and broadcast on commercial television, has reached millions of viewers in half a dozen countries in Central America and the Caribbean, and has become the centrepiece of a campaign to prevent the growing sexual exploitation and trafficking of people.

In the house… accompanies Tamara, who makes her acting debut as Jéssica, a teenager who gradually finds herself trapped in a sexual exploitation network and on the verge of being trafficked. Tamara is now a national spokesperson on the issue and, in the documentary, explores the complexity of her social role, both on and off screen. Bismarck, the charismatic actor who plays the pimp, shares his personal motivation for getting involved in these issues and gives his insight into why it is so crucial to raise awareness among young men. Silvia Elena, who in the series is Jéssica’s mother and incest survivor, fights tirelessly to get girls and boys to talk about these issues and break the silence.”




Laurel medio galardonado II FICNOVA 2014

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show how gender-based violence can be helped to stop “normalising” gender-based violence in an active way at the level of a whole country, using the channels of communication.