Cajamarca: The journey of disillusionment

Imagen Cajamarca El viaje del desengaño
cartel Cajamarca. El viaje del desengaño
 2017. Colombia. 20 min
Director:Ernesto Ciurlizza
Centre:Universidad de La Sabana
Producer:Angie Garzón
Production Assistant:Andrés Bejarano
Director of photography:Daniel Mejía
Edition:Camilo Sánchez
Sound:Andrés Bejarano, Germán León
Music:Andrés Bejarano, Erik Leonardo López, Juan David Aristizabal


El viaje del desengaño is a documentary about the conflict between the La Colosa mine and the people of Cajamarca (Tolima). The documentary tells us about a farmer who seeks to maintain the agricultural tradition of his village while a mining company seeks to promote new forms of economy there.

The documentary is filmed in 2017 at a transcendental moment for this conflict: elections for a new mayor, a referendum to approve or reject the mine in the town, and a permit that the mining company is waiting for to start its project.

Non-Violence Themes: ECONOMIC, MORAL, RACIAL



Laurel Finalistas 4 FICNOVA 2018

FICNOVA recognises in the film the magnificent story of a demonstration effect of the transformative power of nonviolence, in the rebellion of an organised people against the impositions of the “powerful”.