imagen Europa LaCa
cartel Europa LaCA_b
 2015. España. 1 min
Direction:LaCA Audiovisual Creation Laboratory in Barcelona Youth Prison
Team: Jaime Villanueva, Daniel Salatierra, Tomás Montes de Oca, Fernando Petaca, Junior Caicedo, Noureddine Aessirou
With:Souhaib Zahidi, Armando Mendoza


In recent years, in parallel to the securing of borders, the number of people who lose their lives trying to enter Europe has increased. These deaths are often recorded when their bodies are washed up on Spanish beaches. In most cases, the protocol followed with these individuals is to register them, in the nearest cemetery, with the identifier of Young, Male, Black Race.

Non-Violence Themes: RACIAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC

Short film:


Laurel Cortometraje finalista Centros Enseñanza III FICNOVA 2016

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show the overcoming of barriers even in a penitentiary centre, to reflect on the expectations of an idealised world (Europe) that can be pursued between the wheels of a lorry.

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