The other side

imagen L´altra riva
cartel L’altra riva
 2015. Italia. 25 min
Director:Giuseppe Favaloro
Producer:Magnetic Film
Script:Giuseppe Favaloro
Editing:Giovanni Cicciarella
Sound:Salvatore Lucchesi
Music:Salvatore Lucchesi


History of human immigration, reliving the past reflected in the present through difficult journeys in search of hope, highlighting equality between different ethnic groups.

Non-Violence Themes: RACIAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC



laurel Corto Finalista III FICNOVA 2016

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to help not to forget that the history of humanity is the history of migrations in search of a better future. This positive element of transformation, however, is seen as a problem by those who want to maintain their inherited privileges and live with their backs turned to the rest of the world.