FICNOVA closes the deadline for film submissions for the 7th edition 2024

cierre admisión de películas 7 FICNOVA 2024
Soldado, por Rafael Edwuars
Imagen: Rafael Edwards
Today, August 6, 2023, we close the deadline for entries for the 7th edition of the International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence (FICNOVA).

78 years after the U.S. Army dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima (Japan) on August 6, 1945 killing 166,000 people and, on August 8, a second bomb on Nagasaki killing another 80,000 people, as a significant gesture of remembrance of this atrocity, we want to highlight the desolate disaster produced by wars and the need to awaken in hearts more strongly than ever the nonviolence capable of overcoming them.

If the violence of wars continues to live in the heads of “powerful insensitive lords” anchored in prehistory, from this festival we recognize that in spite of everything nonviolence is present in the hearts and heads of millions of people around the world. We hope to make this evident with the films we have received (more than two thousand seven hundred) from 124 countries.

We are now beginning the selection period for the films admitted to the competition, which we will announce on July 15, 2024.
Thanks to all the authors for their participation.

FICNOVA Organizing Team