From north to south, from east to west

Imagen De norte a sur, de este a oeste
De Norte a Sur, de Este a Oeste
 2019. España. 20 min
Direction:Isabel Muradás Fernández
Photography:Sara Calatrava
Interventions:Marta Sánchez Soler, Catalina López, Amarela varela, Dr. Humberto villalobos, Kosalia Zerguine, Bombo N´Dir, Imed Soltani.
Caravana de Madres Centroamericanas, Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano, Carovane Migranti (Italia), Delegación Madres Argelia, Delegación Madres Senegal, Delegación Madres México, Delegación Madres Túnez,

At a time when women more than ever are fighting for their rights, I cross an Ocean to see how a group of mothers from both sides of the world come together in the land of mass graves, Mexico, with a clear objective: to sow the seeds of an international network of women in struggle, in the face of the murderous policies of foreigners and indifference. While this is happening, a caravan of Central American migrants is travelling through the country trying to reach the United States, generating a violent reaction from Trump, who will try to use this issue as an electoral bargaining chip.




Laurel Cortometraje Finalista V FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the efforts of these courageous mothers, who rebel against all the powers that be to denounce the disappearance of their children, the disappearance of human beings executed by an insensitive system that “lives” dazzled by money as the highest value, continually degrading itself in its process of advancement.