From Our Muxu’x

Imagen Desde nuestro Muxu´x
Cartel Desde nuestro Muxu´x
 2019. Guatemala 25 min
Director:Juan Pablo Rojas
Producer:Alejandra Etchegaray
Subtitle production:Magdalena Cortez
Executive production:Hassan Oropeza
Realisation:David Mancilas, Maritza Lavin, Alonso Garibay
Edition:Gustavo Salazar
Sound:Gonzalo G Morán, Elisa Morán, Álvaro Pérez,
Lighting, video:Derik Rosales, Jaime Sorín, Rony Gómez
Music:Sara Curruchich

An inspiring journey through deep Guatemala, guided by the music and seeds of social transformation from the voice of Sara Curruchich.

Nonviolence Themes: SEXUAL, RACIAL, MORAL



Laurel Corto Documental 5 FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA considers that Desde nuestro Muxu’x connects with the affective feelings towards others in the work to overcome discrimination and violence of the most disadvantaged: women and indigenous peoples in Guatemala.
The example of Sara Curruchich, shared from city to city through music, brings us all closer together. It shows an awareness as human beings capable of creating and building, across differences. Listening in silence as it resonates in us, in any culture, this message is not only of Central America, but becomes universal.