The threads of the board

Imagen Los hilos del tablero
cartel Los hilos del tablero
 2018. España 52 min
Director:José Gayá
Producer:Enrique González
Script:José Gayá
Graphic design:Enrique González, José Luis Saldivia
Image post-production:Pablo Renedo
Edition:Josete Gayá
Sound:Aritz Sanjurjo, David Cervera
Music:David Cervera

A documentary about the war industry, refugees and people’s struggle for peace.

Nonviolence Themes: PHYSICAL, MORAL, ECONOMIC.



Galardón mediometraje 5 FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show one of the issues that we consider most important to disarm physical and economic violence at a global level: to expose how relations of imposition are woven from the arms industry.

The documentary can help us to reflect on how we can stop normalising the greatest human tragedies generated by wars, definitively denying the supposed efficacy of war to resolve conflicts.

The testimonies provided will move us and hopefully help us to move social structures.