Nae pasaran (E)

Imagen Nae pasarán
cartel Nae Pasaran
 2018. Reino Unido. 96 min
Director:Felipe Bustos Sierra
Producer:Felipe Bustos Sierra
Photography Direction:Peter Keith, Sebastián “Benito” Caro
Edition:Colin Monie
Sound:Jack Coghill, William Aikman
Music:Patrick Neil Doyle

In 1974, Scottish workers at the Rolls-Royce factory in the small town of East Kilbride showed their support for the people of Chile by refusing to carry out repairs to the engines of Hawker Hunter aircraft, the fighter planes used by the military junta during the 1973 Chilean coup d’état. The boycott lasted four years until the engines mysteriously disappeared one night.




Galardón Sección General: Largometrajes

FICNOVA recognises in the film a demonstration effect of the scope of the valid actions we take. Actions of solidarity that end up with others, that we feel a deep sense of coherence and internal unity when we do them, and that we would repeat a thousand times.
Those actions that sometimes seem small can save lives, as in this case.