These are the films awarded by the international selection team of the 5th International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence 2020 with the “Stelae” of this edition, in its six different sections.

Educational Centres Section: Short Films



Aitana Serrallet Baines
2019- España – 19 min

When Lucas discovers that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his aunt and uncle, he decides to commit the madness of going in search of him on a forbidden journey across the strait in the opposite direction to that in which it is normally carried out.

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Educational Centres Section: Film Schools

El Jardin de Tili

The responses presented here are all non-violent actions that involve a large group of people in a society, who are fighting to prevent the recurrence of these actions that threaten human rights and human life. And all of this is shown through the eyes and graphics of a young girl, which gives it the fresh, spontaneous sensitivity of the new generations, leaving us with a light-hearted feeling of an open and more humane future.

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General Section: Short Documentary

Desde nuestro  Muxu´x

From our Muxu’x connects with the affective feelings towards others in the work to overcome discrimination and violence of the most disadvantaged: women and indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

The example of Sara Curruchich, shared from city to city through music, brings us all closer together. It shows an awareness as human beings capable of creating and building, across differences. Listening in silence as it resonates in us, in any culture, this message is not only of Central America, but becomes universal.

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General Section: Short Fiction


Tariq’s nonviolent response to his protagonist is noteworthy. His mother lives in fear that her son will give a violent response and succumb to war. He, through his memory, will respond in an unexpected way to those who want to end their lives.

The solution provided by the play stands out, even in everyday life, as a response to people who want to destroy coexistence. Tariq also appeals at times to mysticism and human depth to give this response, suggesting two directions to choose in the direction of life: darkened or luminous.

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General Section: Medium length films

Los Hilos del Tablero

This documentary deals with one of what we consider to be one of the most important issues of global violence: the arms industry and its consequences.

It develops one of the most abhorrent human tragedies as war, but not only in its ideological conception but also in its manipulation and suffering, narrated through moving testimonies.

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General Section: Feature Films

¡Nae pasaran!

Nae Pasaran tells a part of Chile’s history that is told in such a way that it has transmitted the empathy and fighting spirit of its protagonists, thus rescuing the best of human beings.


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