Tariq (E)

Imagen Tariq
Cartel Tariq
 2018. España 21 min
Direction:Ersin Cilesiz
Producer:Torsten Gauger
Edition:Claudia Gladziejewski
Photography Direction:Mateusz Smolka
Camera:Mateusz Smolka
Scene:Fryderyk Swierczynski
Sound:José Luis del Barrio, Jonas Lechenmayr
Music:Jonas Lechenmayr

Tariq (16) flees with his family from ISIS soldiers to the Syrian-Turkish border. His mother is shot because Tariq is disobedient. All his attempts to help only worsen his mother’s condition and anger his father.




Laurel Corto ficción Galardonado 5 FICNOVA 2020

The war in Syria is once again at FIICNOVA, and this example is intended to help to keep in mind all the millions of people who have suffered and continue to suffer from this barbarity.

Tariq rescues the possibility of a nonviolent response to any situation. His mother lives in fear that her son will succumb to the spiral of violence. But he, after a short silence, will respond in an unexpected way.