Imagen El jardín de Tili
Cartel El jardín de Tili
 2017. Argentina 13 min
Direction:Federico Azar
ENERC Escuela Nacional de Experimentación
y Realización Cinematográfica
Producers:Federico Iturbe, Nahuel Lopardo
Script:Lucía Gerván
Dirección fotografía:Lucía Benavento
Edition:Violeta Arzamendia
Sound:Miguel Kancepolski

A recurring struggle with a garden as a link…

Nonviolence themes: SEXUAL, MORAL



FICNOVA chose this film because it shows us the story of a woman who fought against discrimination and for women’s rights and the subsequent violence of the military dictatorship in Argentina of which she was also a victim.
The responses presented here are all non-violent actions that involve a large group of people in a society, who fight to prevent the repetition of these actions that threaten human rights and human life. And all of this is shown through the eyes and graphics of a young girl, which gives it the fresh, spontaneous sensitivity of the new generations, leaving us with a light-hearted feeling of an open and more humane future.