The international organising team, from different cities and countries, have made the following selection of finalist films in six sections, following the criteria of rescuing the best examples that fit the festival’s theme: the strength of non-violence around the world.

Educational Centres: Short Films


Aitana Serrallet Baines
2019- España – 19 min

When Lucas discovers that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his aunt and uncle, he decides to commit the madness of going in search of him on a forbidden journey across the strait in the opposite direction to that in which it is normally carried out.

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Luz Belos
2018 – España – 2 min

The monster of intolerance walks among us.

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Miguel Angel Augusto Ambrosio
2018 – España – 11 min

3 lives in one story, 3 life stories.

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Film Schools Short Films

Tili´s Garden

The responses presented here are all non-violent actions that involve a large group of people in a society, who are fighting to prevent the recurrence of these actions that threaten human rights and human life. And all of this is shown through the eyes and graphics of a young girl, which gives it the fresh, spontaneous sensitivity of the new generations, leaving us with a light-hearted feeling of an open and more humane future.

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The Jungle

Alfred Lapeyre
2018 – Francia – 15 min

Simba and Ava live in a migrant camp. They fled their country years ago under the pretext of the right to live. Only 33 kilometres from the end of their journey, they try to force their way across one last border, England.

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A Family Recipe

ENERC Escuela Nacional de Experimentación
y Realización Cinematográfica
2018 – Argentina – 12 min

Three generations of women come together for dinner.

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General Section: Short Documentary Films

Bubisher: Art y Fight

Itoitz Guerrero Barbarin
2019 – España- 27 min

The struggle against injustice and oblivion through art and culture. The Sahrawi people demand dignity and consideration, and to this end, they are developing new creative processes that highlight their cause.

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From North to South, from East to West

Isabel Muradás Fernández
2019 – España – 30 min

At a time when women more than ever are fighting for their rights, I cross an Ocean to see how a group of mothers from both sides of the world come together in the land of mass graves, Mexico, with a clear objective: to sow the seeds of an international network of women in struggle, in the face of the murderous policies of foreigners and indifference. While this is happening, a caravan of Central American migrants is travelling through the country trying to reach the United States, generating a violent reaction from Trump, who will try to use this issue as an electoral bargaining chip.

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Desde nuestro  Muxu´x

From our Muxu’x connects with the affective feelings towards others in the work to overcome discrimination and violence of the most disadvantaged: women and indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

The example of Sara Curruchich, shared from city to city through music, brings us all closer together. It shows an awareness as human beings capable of creating and building, across differences. Listening in silence as it resonates in us, in any culture, this message is not only of Central America, but becomes universal.

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The Fourth Wave

Lía Giovannini
2018 – Argentina – 18 min

In the streets of Cordoba, people are talking about feminism, the history of women who fought for their rights is becoming topical. Argentina is the focus of the biggest feminist revolution of recent times, the Fourth Wave.

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Bill Szilagyi
2019 – Brasil – 19 min

Botswana artist Crawford Mandumbwa talks openly about African politics, society, art and culture, and also addresses the question of why Africa remains so vulnerable.

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Women fighters, towards the conquest of a right

Dirc. Pablo Maldonado
Distribucion Km Sur
2019 – Argentina – 26 min

A journey through the history of the struggle for the right to legal, safe and free abortion in Argentina. Through the voices of some of its historic activists.

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Mahbuba Maqsoodi

Benjamin Mang
2019 – Alemania – 3 min

The story of a woman whose extraordinary life journey made her a role model.

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Rosario, the city of the beautiful

Luciana Tamburello
2019 – Argentina – 15 min

In a night-time taxi ride through the streets of Rosario, three women will tell their stories and make us part of a deeper story, that of the Rosario women, who for many are the most beautiful women in the country and who for us are companions in the struggle.

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Zanka Dialna: The street is ours

María Aneiros
2018 – España – 25 min

A story of hidden voices that have the power to change things. Voices that seek their place in a system that undervalues them, assaults them and deprives them of their rights. In this film, Moroccan women empower themselves to conquer the streets.

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General Section: Short Fiction Films


Daniel Ortiz Entrambasaguas
2019 – España- 15 min

Tarik has just been admitted to hospital. It may be more serious than he imagined, but his meeting with Martin, his roommate, will change their lives completely.

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Ferran Masip-Valls
2018 – España – 6 min

The same landscape, the same person speak to us of what it is to be a man, to be human, over time and in a changing world.

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Ezequiel Nicolás Macchia
Argentina – 15 min

A story based on true events, a young middle class, sociable, with clear ideals, independent and with dreams to fulfil, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Rodolfo, a prestigious, ambitious, violent and manipulative lawyer.

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Eduardo Vieitez
2018 – España – 8 min

The true story of Rabah, an adorable Syrian girl, with a great life, surrounded by a wonderful family and the incredible story that makes her end up all alone, begging for refuge in Turkey. It is just one of thousands of stories that have happened and continue to happen under the passive gaze of developed countries, more concerned with building more and better borders than opening them to those in real need.

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Angelica Germanà Bozza
2018 – Alemania, Italia, Turquía – 14 min

Ahmet, a young widowed father and his 9-year-old daughter, Rozerîn, have started a new life in Germany after leaving Turkey. Ahmet does everything he can to ensure that Rozerîn has a peaceful childhood. However, their lives are marked by the absence of Rozerîn’s mother. On the anniversary of her death, father and daughter remember her by taking up their favourite tradition in a special way.

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The nonviolent response of Tariq‘s protagonist is noteworthy. His mother lives in fear that her son will give a violent response and succumb to war. He, through his memory, will respond in an unexpected way to those who want to end their lives.

The solution provided by the play stands out, even in everyday life, as a response to people who want to destroy coexistence. Tariq also appeals at times to mysticism and human depth to give this response, suggesting two directions to choose in the direction of life: darkened or luminous.

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The Hangman’s Place

Marc-Antoine Bonniez
2018 – Francia – 15 min

Yesterday, a man was murdered on a street in Cleveland.
According to initial findings of the investigation, several men have been arrested by police, including a potential witness whose identity is still unknown….

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Israel González
2018 – España – 19 min

Kaimwa is a humble Congolese miner and Etxabe is an executive of a multinational mobile phone company.
Without knowing it, they will share a 4-day journey that takes them from the war for the control of the coltan mines in North Kivu.

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ömer dişbudak
2018 – Turquía – 5 min

Muhammed, who loves to draw, is the son of a Syrian refugee family living in Turkey. In an art class, when all the students are drawing colourful pictures, Muhammed draws a black and white picture about the war using only a pencil.

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General Section: Medium-Length Films

El mercado del Riurau: crisis global, soluciones locales

José Gaya
2019 – Españal – 35 min

A documentary about the cooperative and self-managed project of the Riurau Market.

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El principio del fin de las armas nucleares

Álvaro Orús
2018 – España/Reino Unido – 55 min

This documentary is about the efforts to incorporate a treaty banning nuclear weapons into international law and the role of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, ICAN. It includes testimonies from leading activists from various organisations and countries.

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Her Mal Dibistanek

Ardîn Dîren
2019- Turquía – 57 min

A forbidden language, a sealed school, children studying in their mother tongue at home and families turning their homes into schools. Each home and school is the story of people who have been trying to revive and keep alive a forbidden language for years.

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The Threads of the board

This documentary deals with one of the issues we consider to be the most important in global violence: the arms industry and its consequences.

It develops one of the most abhorrent human tragedies as war, but not only in its ideological conception but also in its manipulation and suffering, narrated through moving testimonies.

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Voices of Clay

Tania Lavanderos
2019- Paraguay – 52 min

To make visible the impact generated in the territory and the community from the history, construction and permanence in time of El Cántaro BioEscuela Popular, in order to affirm the idea that art is a tool for social transformation.

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General Section: Feature Films


Marlén Viñayo
2019 – El Salvador- 81 min

Five street vendors agree to perform a play based on their own life stories. In the process, they will discover themselves as both victims and perpetrators of a cycle of violence that has haunted their families for generations.

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The War Starts Here

Joseba Sanz
2018 – Euskal Herria – 64min

The action of a fireman in the Port of Bilbao, refusing to take part in a shipment of weapons to massacre the population of Yemen, starts a social movement that will reveal the dark interests and implications of this trade.

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¡Nae pasaran!

Nae Pasaran tells a part of Chile’s history that is told in such a way that it has transmitted the empathy and fighting spirit of its protagonists, thus rescuing the best of human beings.

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Natalie Halla
2018 – Austria/España- 61 min

Fleeing the war with the Khmer Rouge, eight-year-old Ngoc survives a three-week boat odyssey. Thanks to the humanity of a family in Austria, he integrates into Austrian society and becomes a renowned TCM doctor. Forty years later, he decides to provide medical care to refugees arriving by boat on the island of Lesbos. There he realises that his own fate is repeated in this new generation of refugees and old wounds are opened. In an attempt to find peace, he begins a difficult search with his family for his own past…

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Sisters of the trees

Victoria Chales
2019 – Argentina – 82 min

The story of a village in Rajasthan, India, where the community plants 111 trees to celebrate the birth of each girl child, caring for the trees, the girls and the water, raising awareness and empowering their women.

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The cut

Víctor de los Dolores Palacios
2019 – España – 62 min

More than 200 million women around the world live with mutilated genitals. These are Muslim and Christian women who share a tradition that does not respect human rights.

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ZAURIA(K) Locura. Cuerpo. Feminismos

Iker Oiz Elgorriaga
2019 – España – 93 min

Through the first-person accounts of the experiences of 9 women, the aim is to make visible the intersection between mental health/psycho-social suffering and gender experiences.

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