Nowhere (En)

cartel Nowhere
 2018. Austroa/España. 61 min
Director:Natalie Halla
Producer:Natalie Halla
Script:Natalie Halla
Camera:Teemu Liakka
Editing:Natalie Halla
Sound:Alex Jöchtl
Music:Michael Andreas Haeringer

Fleeing the war with the Khmer Rouge, eight-year-old Ngoc survives a three-week boat odyssey. Thanks to the humanity of a family in Austria, he integrates into Austrian society and becomes a renowned TCM doctor. Forty years later, he decides to provide medical care to refugees arriving by boat on the island of Lesbos. There he realises that his own fate is repeated in this new generation of refugees and old wounds are opened. In an attempt to find peace again, he begins a difficult search with his family for his own past…




Laurel Largometraje Finalista V FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show the roots of many current migrations and forced displacements of thousands of people around the world, revealing an insensitive system of privilege and discrimination that governs Western society, trying to control and silence “the problem”. The rebellion against the “forgetting” of terrible facts, to make them visible and to name them, allows us to get closer to each other, hopefully to walk together.