ZAURIA(K) Madness. Body. Feminisms

imagen Zauria(k)
cartel ZAURIA(K) Locura. Cuerpo. Feminismos
 2019. España. 93 min
Direction:Maier Irigoien Ulaiar, Isabel Sáez Pérez, Iker Oiz Elgorriaga
Production:Maier Irigoien Ulaiar
Script:Maier Irigoien Ulaiar
Direction of photography:Isabel Sáez Pérez, Iker Oiz Elgorriaga
Cameras:Isabel Sáez Pérez, Iker Oiz Elgorriaga
Editing:Isabel Sáez Pérez, Iker Oiz Elgorriaga
Sound:Leire Kortaxarena, Isabel Sáez Pérez, Iker Oiz Elgorriaga


Haizea Huegun

Through the first-person accounts of the experiences of 9 women, the aim is to make visible the intersection between mental health / psycho-social suffering and gender experiences.

Non-violence themes: SEXUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, MORAL.



Laurel Largometraje Finalista V FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to present, through powerful testimonies, the theme of personal suffering and social conditioning around gender identity, within the current patriarchal system. An opportunity to discover other forms of violence, such as psychological and moral violence, which we live with and need to stop normalising.