Her Mal Dibistanek (en)

cartel Her Mal Dibistanek
 2019. Turquía. 57 min
Director:Ardîn Dîren
Assistant Director:Mehmet Emin Îsî
Deng:Sîpan Dangdeviren, Yilmaz  Cintan
Cameras:Rodî Yüzbasi, M.Emin Îsî, Ardîn Dîren
Editing:Ardîn Dîren, Sezer Aslan, M.Emin Îsî, Eecan Altuntas
Music:Mehdi Ahmedpuoryan, Ramîn Rabiei, Okan Ovet

A forbidden language, a sealed school, children studying in their mother tongue at home and families turning their homes into schools. Each home and school is the story of people who have been trying to revive and keep alive a forbidden language for years.

Non-violence themes: MORAL, ECONOMIC, RACIAL



Laurel Mediometraje Finalista V FICNOVA 2020

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show an example of rebellion against the imposition of a model of life on a people.