V Edition FICNOVA 2020

Ficnova 5 (2019-2020)

5 ficnova 2020
The international organising team, from different cities and countries, made the following selection of finalist films in six sections, following the criteria of rescuing the best examples that fit the theme of the festival: the strength of non-violence around the world. Our sincere thanks to all the participants of the 815 films registered from 59 countries, and to the 316 films admitted to the competition, from which it has been very difficult to make such a small selection of finalists. We recognise in this edition 36 finalist films from 12 countries, not as the “spearhead” of non-violence at the present time, but as some good examples of this growing force that is transforming the whole world, even if, looking at some “stills” and not at the human process, it does not seem so. Special thanks go to all the volunteer friends who have collaborated in the viewing and selection of the different teams in the various organising cities, without whom this task would have been impossible. In the week of October 2nd we celebrated the 5th edition of the International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence, and presented the awards. A special edition. Due to the global pandemic situation most of the events have to be held virtually

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Virtual prize-giving ceremony of the 5th FICNOVA 2020

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Call for Discussion on “The Need for Humanism and Nonviolence at the Present Time”.

Conversation on “The need for Humanism and Nonviolence at the present time”.