IRIOWENIASI. The thread of the Moon

Cartel Irioweniasi El hilo de la luna.
 2018. España 50 min
Direction:Esperanza Jorge Barbuzano e Inmaculada Antolínez
Production:Intermedia Producciones
Script:Esperanza Jorge e Inmaculada Antolínez
Direction of photography:Inmaculada Antolinez y Esperanza Jorge
Art direction:Esperanza Jorge Barbuzano e Inmaculada Antolínez
Sound:Inmaculada Antolinez y Esperanza Jorge
Animation:María del Mar Muriel (La Mari)
Music:Rubén Alonso (Antropoloops)

Blessing is a young Nigerian woman whose life story is illustrated by the various accounts of young women who, from the African country known as the great black elephant (because of its oil wealth), carry out their migration project by joining a human trafficking network, mainly for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Europe. Their original name is Irioweniasi. It means no one is strong enough to pull the thread of the moon and bring it down, no one can take the life of a being who is cared for.

The journey across half of Africa is made overland, as in most cases, and takes a little more than three years, during which time he accumulates damage, strategy and strength.

In a choral braid, the voices of the professionals who deal with human trafficking and those of the protagonists who in some way are linked to it are found in this film, and who, thanks to a process of recuperation of the story through art, speak to us, demand and propose.




FICNOVA reconoce en la película la denuncia de un sistema mentiroso que no solo se apropia de los recursos naturales de otros, empujando a la migración de las personas, sino que además trata de apropiarse de sus propios cuerpos, sobre todo de las mujeres, cosificándolas y anulando su intencionalidad mediante diferentes formas de violencia. Pero a pesar de todo, la película muestra un ejemplo de rebelión frente a esta situación, acercando a las protagonistas entre sí y hacia la sociedad para desarmar esta barbarie.