Paquito, the guide in Alpendeire

imagen Paquito El guía de Alpendeire
cartel Paquito El guía de Alpendeire
 2013. España. 5 min
Director:Fernando Pozo
Producers:Children Cloud
Script:Fernando Pozo
Direction of photography:Alejandro Guerrero Jiménez, Estefanía García Sánchez, Fernando Pozo García
Music:Música librería


“I don’t know if I will be a father one day, but if I am one day I would tell my children two things: the first is to play and enjoy every moment of their lives and the second is to read, read a lot because knowledge, culture, education and positive values will make them happier” Francisco Ortiz Andrades, 34 years old.




laurel Cortometraje Finalista II FICNOVA 2014

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to convey an inclusive view of all people. To understand the differences and difficulties of each one is also to understand ourselves.