The return journey

imagen Viaje de vuelta
 2013. España. 14 min
Direction:Alberto E. Pons Florido,
Lolo Vázquez
Production:Alberto Enrique Pons Florido, David Rey
Script:Alberto Enrique Pons Florido
Direction of photography:Salvador Blanco
Oper. camera:Fernando Moleón, Lolo Vazquez, Joseba Fernandez
Edition:Carlos Cabello, Lolo Vázquez, Alberto Pons
Sound:Andrés Mendoza
Music:Dannyels Valkfanien


“A journey of legend, a journey where myths come true and the known reality wobbles to our surprise, immerse yourself in the land of Gods and you will believe in fairy tales again…”

Non-Violence Themes: MORAL



laurel Cortometraje Finalista II FICNOVA 2014

FICNOVA recognises in the film the effort to show some of the myths that make up our “realities”.