The seed of hope

Imagen Semilla de la esperanza
Cartel Semilla de esperanza
 2021. Italia 17 min
Director:Nando Morra
Producer:RAMPA Films Aps
Script:Nando Morra, Marta Gervasutti, Emanuele Ajello
Director of photography:Martina Bruno
Art Direction:Andrea Fontanella, Giuseppe Chiaro
Edition:Davide Aronica, Bruno Cirillo
Sound:Gino Tramontano
Music:Adriano Martorana

The Seed of Hope is a short film starring Tancredi, a substitute literature teacher, and three sixth-grade boys, the Italians Samuele, Marco and the Syrian Nasser. Nasser arrived in Italy five years earlier with his mother, after an eventful crossing of the Mediterranean. Nasser is the victim of discrimination by his classmates, incited by Marco, a bully influenced by his father’s xenophobic ideas. Samuele will take Nesser’s defense, while the teacher will take this episode as an example to make the class reflect. Tancredi, in fact, will teach the students the importance of knowledge for socio-cultural integration and will define to the students the seeds of hope, underlining the importance of the young generations in building a better future. Tancredi’s teachings will trigger the parental conditioning on Marco who, in adulthood, will use the teacher’s words to build his career as a writer.




Laurel Cortometraje Finalistas 6 FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA recognizes in the film an example of education in non-violence, helping to break down prejudices, putting oneself in the place of others.