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Seven editions of FICNOVA since eleven years ago

The International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence (FICNOVA) is a polycentric festival, organized through volunteer work, held simultaneously in different cities and countries to help raise global awareness of NV, awarding the best examples among the selected finalists.

Mapa de envíos 6 FICNOVA 2022 FilmFreeway
Map of film submissions to 6 FICNOVA 2022 from FilmFreeway

From the first edition in 2013 in which 24 films from 4 countries participated, to the seventh edition that we have celebrated in 2024 in which 2,724 works from 93 countries participated, we see how carefully sustained work allows us to expand our signal.

It has a general section for short, medium and long films and a special section for schools, trying to gather all the initiatives from professional cinema to the youngest ones.

English poster VI FICNOVA
Rodaje Videospot FICNOVA con Cinemaland

Images are a mobilizing force capable of transforming our lives.

We are accustomed to the misnamed “action cinema” in which only violence in its various forms is shown. This constant bombardment of aggressive relationship models creates a distorted awareness of reality, conditioning our way of seeing and feeling the world.

From FICNOVA we want to make visible real examples of how any conflict can be resolved through non-violent means.

These examples not only serve to show the best of human beings; they also serve to transform suffering situations.

We want to spread the need for nonviolence and we believe that one of the most powerful tools to do so is film.

We want to see active nonviolence transforming the world