VI Edition FICNOVA 2022

FICNOVA 6 (2021-2022)

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On 1 October 2002, in a virtual event broadcast by the UNED Channel, we were able to express our sincere thanks to all the participants of the 2776 films registered from 128 countries and the 1181 films admitted as official competition selection and to present the finalist films and the final decision of the winners. An extremely complex task on this occasion.

We recognised in this edition 20 finalist films from 13 countries, as some good examples of the strength of non-violence that is growing and transforming the world.

Among all of them, awards were given to the films: “Humanize” in the Educational Institutions Section, “Dos Rios – Cacao y Libertad” in the Short Film Section, “Solidarity Crime, the borders of democracy” in the Medium-length Film Section and “La vuelta al campo” in the Feature Film Section.

We announce that although we will initially focus on the screening of the award-winning and finalist films, we hope to be able to reach agreements with all the authors of the “Official Competition Selection” who wish to do so, so that their works can be accessible from the FICNOVA website, or for their screening at events organised by FICNOVA to promote non-violence, free of charge.

We will be publishing the calendar of programmed activities, to invite all those interested to participate in the events.

Thank you very much to everyone and congratulations to the winners.

FICNOVA organising team

Ficnova 6 image gallery
Ficnova 6 image gallery

Pressenza interview in Madrid

Participation FICNOVA 2 October. Casa de Vacas. Madrid.

Video Spot 6 FICNOVA 2020