FINALIST films at the 6th FICNOVA 2022

FINALIST films at the 6th FICNOVA 2022

These are the FINALIST films selected by the international team of the 6th Active Nonviolence International Film Festival 2022, in its four sections.

We recognise in this edition 20 finalist films from 13 countries as some good examples of the force of nonviolence that is growing and transforming the world.

Thank you very much to all and congratulations to the finalist.


Hopefully there will be no school tomorrow

Destiny Osarumwense
12Nubes y la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Vitoria-Gasteiz
2015 – España – 4 min

The video clip reflects the experiences and emotions of the different protagonists of bullying, sung and narrated by the young people themselves.

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Susana Freitas, Rui Duque
2020 – Portugal – 3 min

Human beings have Fundamental Rights, established so that everyone can have a dignified and peaceful life. Remembering these rights is fundamental to put them into practice.

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Our own economy

Mauro Altschuler
2020 – Argentina – 2 min

Is it possible to build among ourselves, and for our own benefit, a more social and solidarity-based economy?

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Montse Vázquez Martín, Michel Augusto Ambrosio
2019 – España – 5 min

The signals are right in front of us but we don’t always see them.

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We all belong

Mohamed Larbi Bourourou
2020 – Argelia – 4 min

A boy with Richer Collins syndrome feels frustrated and pessimistic about life and contemplates suicide.

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Güido Simonetti
2019 – Argentina – 12 min

An endearing story in which people from different social classes meet in a collective job interview. Showing the values that the other candidate has will make them employable or not.

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Harmonies for after the war

Pablo Tosco, Migue Roth
2019 – Argentina, España, Siria – 25 min

Music does not end war, but it helps to exorcise it. Syrian Kurdistan was destroyed by long years of war, but on the ruins, musicians, poets, teachers and dozens of children are once again playing instruments to replace the lacerating noises of violence.

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Two rives. Cocoa and Freedom

Fellipe Abreu, Patricia Moll
2021 – Brasil – 10 min

The inhabitants of the Dois Riachões settlement lived in a situation analogous to slavery, but today they managed to conquer the land and their freedom through cocoa production.

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The seed of hope

Nando Morra
2021 – Italia – 17 min

The Seed of Hope is a short film starring Tancredi, a substitute literature teacher, and three sixth-grade boys, the Italians Samuele, Marco and the Syrian Nasser. Nasser arrived in Italy five years earlier with his mother, after an eventful crossing of the Mediterranean.

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Sergio  Beltrán
2021 – Chile – 14 min

Seven-year-old Vita hears strange noises in the crawl space that arouse her curiosity. At her insistence, her mother goes upstairs to check.

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Barcelona – City of welcome

Christin Schuchardt
2021- Alemania, España – 55 min

Barcelona’s image is characterised by a cosmopolitan tourist life, long-term gentrification processes and progressive political perspectives, for example for the reception of refugees and immigrants.

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Get up

Ursula Robles Heredia
2020- México – 40 min

Violence seen through the eyes of art. A documentary that shares the vision of several independent artists in the face of the violence that has engulfed Mexico.

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Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara

Iara Lee
2015- Sahara Occidental – 58 min

Four decades after the departure of the Spanish rulers promised its people freedom, Western Sahara remains Africa’s last colony.

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Jakub Šipoš
2021- Eslovakia – 39 min

The story of a group of young people who travel by boat from the Canary Islands to the south of Senegal to bring simple water filters to the Casamance area.

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Solidarity crime. The borders of democracy

Nicolás Braguinsky Cascini y Juan Pablo Aris Escarcena
2021- España – 55 min

It is a documentary that raises awareness of the systematic policies of human rights violations against migrants and all those who have been in solidarity with them.

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Our flag will never be red

Pablo López Guelli
2019 – Brasil- 72 min

It shows the struggle of independent journalists in Brazil to break the blockade imposed by 6 families that dominate the country’s information system.

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Ouedraogo Alimata
2021 – Burkina Faso- 93 minSybia, a forty-year-old architect from Ouagadougou, has been trying for years to have a child with her husband, a wealthy Burkinabe businessman, but to no avail.

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In debt to all women

María Lobo, Roi Guitián
2019 -España- 60 min

Abortion in El Salvador is punishable by 20-40 years in prison. En deuda con todas las mujeres wants to give a voice to those women who suffer and struggle to change one of the most restrictive laws in the world in terms of sexual and reproductive rights.

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Return to the contriside

Juan Pablo Leporé
2020 – Argentina- 73 min

In a neoliberal context marked by poverty and exclusion, land redistribution and food production become part of the return to the countryside.

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Another conviction

Juan Manuel Repetto
2020 – Argentina- 74 min

Sebastian must serve a sentence for crimes he committed when he was a minor. When he is transferred to the prison, he discovers that it is very different from the traditional prison system. There are no guns, no bars, no cells. The doors are still open and the authorities are teachers, social workers and psychologists.

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