Laurel Corto Centros Enseñanza III FICNOVA 2016
Laurel Galardón de Honor III FICNOVA 2016

These are the films AWARDED by the international selection team of the 3rd International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence 2016 with the “Stelae” of this edition, in its four different sections.


El Carnaval del Buen Pastor

2016. Colombia. 8:29 min

Dir: Laly Malagón
UNI5TV – Universidad del Norte
Centro Penitenciario del Buen Pastor – Barranquilla

Carnival of the good sheperd, tells the story of Silvia, a woman who has lived and enjoyed Carnival in all its splendour for 15 years, playing the role of La Diabla and continues to do so even though she is behind bars.

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2015. Italia – Burkina Faso. 14 min

Directed by Jean Hamado Tiemtore

In the Bambara language, in Burkina Faso, the term Kandia, composed of the words Kan (voice) and Dia (beauty), means the good voice, but also the beauty that the voice produces. In the heart of Lecce, in Puglia, a choir of voices singing their own humanity. They sing in Italian, Tamil, Swahili… An example of integration and encounter between peoples.

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BALKAN BLUES: Stories from Mostar

2016. Italia. 35 min

Dir. Lucio de Candia

Balkans Blues aims to demonstrate that, in a period when violent religious radicalism is used for unclear and dangerous ends, the universal language of music and art can promote peace, tolerance and social harmony.

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Fugir de L’oblit

2016. España. 90 min

Dir. Abel Moreno Pradas

At 90 years of age, Pitu walks fast, as if he were on the run. This anonymous old man probably got used to it years ago: running away from Franco’s regime, from the refugee camp in Algiers, from the Vichy government’s labour camps, from the massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane, from the Nazi concentration camps.

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Honourable Mentions (out of competition)

Silo. Un camino espiritual

2016. España. 90 min

Dir. Abel Moreno Pradas

In 1969, in Argentina, Mario Rodriguez Cobos, SILO, launched a movement for non-violence in response to the growing violence in the world and the dictatorships in Latin America. Through a young woman, we will travel to different countries to listen to the testimonies of people who were inspired by Silo.

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Argentina. 99 min

Dir: Leandro Bartoletti

In the midst of social and political upheaval… a voice rises in the mountains with a message of peace and non-violence. His voice was silenced, his words were denounced. This humble thinker has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. How is it that he remains the best kept secret in the Andes?

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Más allá de la Venganza

2016. España- Alemania. 75 min

Álvaro Orús & Luz Jahnen

Beyond Revenge” is a novel treatment of the archaic yet burning issue of revenge, linking the personal with the social and historical.

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