FINALIST films in the 4th FICNOVA 2018

These are the finalist films rescued by the international selection team of the IV Edition of the International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence 2018.

Our sincere gratitude to all the participants, while warning that it has been very difficult to make such a small selection from among so many exemplary productions.


Rhythms of La coma

Pablo Vila De Toro
2017- Spain – 21 min

Rhythms of  La Coma’ is a short documentary whose aim is to show the potential of children and young people living in a high-risk area such as the neighbourhood of La Coma in Paterna (Valencia – Spain).

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Cajamarca: The journey of disillusionment

Ernesto Ciurlizza. University of La Sabana
2017 – Colombia – 20 min

The journey of disillusionment is a documentary about the conflict between the La Colosa mine and the people of Cajamarca (Tolima). The documentary tells us about a farmer who seeks to maintain the agricultural tradition of his village while a mining company seeks to promote new forms of economy there.

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Ariadna wants to be Theseus

Obradoiro de Plática IES as Barxas
2016 – Spain – 8 min

Our heroine goes out to fight the Minotaur every day.

IES AS BARXAS short film made by the students of 4th ESO of Plastic Education IES as Barxas Teacher coordinator: Luz Beloso

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Clash of Morality

Vinay Pujara
2017 – United States – 17 min

Mohamed and Richard trapped in a lift clash with their morals. Mohamed confronts Richard as he is judged by his appearance and religion.

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 VdG Command

Mercedes  M. Del Río  Ana Rosa  Diego
2017 – España – 14 min

A group of young men and women decide to intervene in the face of the male chauvinist violence they find around them.

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The Guru and the FARC

Paula Schargorodsky
2016 – Argentina – 13 min

The search for peace in Colombia has been a huge undertaking involving people, institutions and countries. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian leader from India with vast experience in international conflict resolution (Sri Lanka, Nepal, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir) joined this effort to rebuild trust and build bridges of communication.

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Determined women

Higinia Garay  Itxaso Díaz
2017 – España – 25 min

An audiovisual work that documents the work of different women’s organisations working in El Salvador and Honduras, giving them a first-person voice. They are the ones who speak about the reality they suffer when they are denied the Right to Abortion.

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A prison that opened

Cristian Vidal L.
2017 – Chile – 26 min

In mid-2016, almost two thousand inmates obtained the benefit of parole. Some of them participated in an artistic workshop held at the Valparaíso prison.

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Another Lisbon Story

Claudio Carbone
2017 – Italia / Portugal – 59 min

Bairro da Torre is a neighbourhood of informal genesis, which was born next to the current Lisbon airport after an illegal occupation by Portuguese, African and gypsy populations. These dwellings are not legalised due to the absence of a policy that has not responded in recent years to the deficiencies and needs of low-income populations, who have sought alternative means to “solve” the housing problem.(…)

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Irioweniasi. The thread of the moon

Esperanza Jorge Barbuzano
2018 – Spain – 47 min

Blessing is a young Nigerian girl in whose life story there are common tiles in the different stories of the young women who, from the African country known as the great black elephant (because of its oil riches), carry out their migratory project by joining a human trafficking network, mainly for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Europe.

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The silent Chaos

Antonio Span
2017- Italia / Rep. Dem. Del Congo – 45 min

North Kivu Congo. After a bloody civil war that lasted for years, Congolese society has lost its identity. However, archaic superstitions and magical beliefs are the only elements that survive and hold the people together. This is the story of those who have no voice and no hope but who continue to fight for their dignity and are not willing to give up happiness.

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Honey slopes

Iván Martín
2017 – Spain – 81 min

When we are born we are like clay, a piece of earth without form that can end up being a piece of extraordinary beauty. The children we work with, like everyone else, are in this process of formation, as delicate as it is exciting.

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No Friends but the mountains

Kaer Bahar
2017 – United Kingdom -86 min
(Kurdish, English /Subt. Spanish)

Will the Kurdish dream of independence and freedom become a reality? With the rise of ISIS and the central role played by the Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight against them, the question of Kurdish independence has taken on greater urgency.

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Samba, a name erased

Mariano Agudo
2017 – Spain – 71 min
(Spanish, French, Wolof / Sub. Spanish)

In recent years, in parallel to the securing of borders, the number of people who lose their lives trying to enter Europe has increased. These deaths are often recorded when the sea washes their bodies onto Spanish beaches.

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